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criminal justice grantsOne of the first things to establish is the difference between criminal justice grants and a scholarship, or indeed a loan. Attacking these in reverse order a loan whether it be a student loan or any other loan is exactly that – a loan. It comes with two unfortunate qualities. Firstly it has to be repaid, and secondly it will almost certainly come at a price, this being represented by the interest on the loan. A minority of loans are interest free, but this is not normally the case.

On the other hand a scholarship is something awarded on merit – normally academic merit, although it could also be awarded for musical or sporting prowess. In other words a candidate has to win a scholarship and would not normally apply for one unless he or she possessed exceptional ability in some discipline. But a scholarship does not have to be repaid.

Grants are similar to scholarships in that they do not have to be repaid but the criteria for receiving them are normally based upon social and economic factors rather than academic. So whether you could qualify for criminal justice grants assistance might depend upon your family circumstances, the ability of your family to support you financially, or ethnic factors which are politically driven. Grants are normally provided at state of national level and the source of money is the tax payer.

For most students the need to obtain extra financial help is of major importance. Working one’s way through college is the time honored system, but there needs to be a balance between time spent in study and that committed to manual graft in order to live a subsistence existence as a law student! Because of this it is worth all the effort of researching sources of grants and funds. It could make all the difference between a comfortable and an uncomfortable student experience. And while doing this don’t forget the Federal Pell Grant which can be applied for through FAFSA. But it must be said that in order to qualify for one of these you need to be in the very lowest earnings bracket. These grants are for the genuinely needy only.

One very important aspect of grants is that their continuity is normally linked to performance. This means in effect that if you secure help from available sources of criminal justice grants to study for a law degree or similar, and then decide to do the bare minimum work, you run the risk of having the grant terminated.

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