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Criminal Justice Government Jobs

What About Criminal Justice Government Jobs?

criminal justice government jobsCriminal justice government jobs provide employment for suitably qualified applicants in most jurisdictions throughout the world. Governments of all political shades need the input of lawyers in the drafting and scrutiny of legislation; for advice to politicians and officials; and for law keeping and for prosecuting on behalf of the state or the crown.

But criminal justice government jobs arise at all levels of criminal administration. Indeed they are embedded into the very fabric of all administrations. One of the fundamental responsibilities of all governments is to maintain law and order. To do that a code of conduct agreed by a parliament has to exist and this code has to be overseen by law officers.

It would be too simplistic to conclude that these government jobs consisted only of employed police, or law enforcement officers, and lawyers and attorneys. Of course these groups are most certainly employed by government but there is a whole mass of employment groups and classes which feed into these. For example, fire fighters, medical services, psychologists, forensic experts, investigative agents, criminologists, security staff and even the armed services. Some of these are spelled out in more detail here. Many of these services need the support of linguists. In addition there is the staff who man the courts and the legal libraries. There are armies of legal assistants and secretaries. And all these are employed by the state or nation in criminal justice government jobs.

The upshot is that if you would like to work for the government in the global field of law enforcement there is a huge variety of employment available. You probably need to ask yourself some searching questions to arrive at the right discipline for your needs. For example – are you looking for adventure or would your prefer a steady day to day existence? Are you a person who loves dealing with the general public or would your prefer to be handling files in an office? Are you already professionally qualified in some area, or are you just starting out? Do you want to go to university or would you prefer to enter a trade now and learn on the job, so to speak? All these are areas you need to consider. Take a look at some of the resources listed on this page and read around the site too. You should find plenty of information to help you.

A List of Criminal Justice Employments – though it is not exhaustive.

Armed Forces Legal Branches
ATF Agent
Corrections Officer
Court Administration
Court Reporter
Law Enforcement
Police Officer
Prison Service
Probation Officer
Psychology Specialist
Social Worker
Sociology Applications
US Marshal

Resources for those seeking criminal justice government jobs advice:

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6 Responses to “Criminal Justice Government Jobs”

  1. Robert says:

    I have been wondering what sort of jobs are available for those who graduate with degrees in criminal justice. I know so many people who have invested much of their time and money in attaining such a degree only to find themselves faced with the harsh reality of a staggering job market. Many of those that I have known have had to take jobs outside of their field of study. So are there enough jobs out there for CJ grads?

  2. Oliver says:

    I once made a business plan for a friend who was attending college and getting an associates’s degree in criminal justice. The business plan was for starting a detective agency and security firm. As I was creating the business plan, I wondered whether it is realistic for someone with such a degree to get a loan for a startup company like a detective agency. The banks are not really giving loans at this time, no?

  3. Rodrick says:

    Robert, I have noticed that a lot of students that graduate college and they have that fancy little piece of paper to put on their walls often have to work outside the field of study that they chose so that is not uncommon at all. In reality it is uncommon that they get to work in the field they chose to study.

  4. Ellen says:

    Are careers in criminal justice as hard to come by as careers else where? My son is having a hard time finding a job and I was telling him he needed to go back to school to get a decent job. I was reading your post about criminal justice scholarships and I am wondering now if those are hard to get so I can convince him to go back to school.

  5. Wayne says:

    I once met a girl who got achieved a high grade point average and graduated with a Bachelors degree in criminal justice. But despite her high marks, she went on to study nursing because as she put it, she was not satisfied with the kind of jobs that her degree qualified her for. I think it is important for persons to thoroughly research the job market and have a clear vision of what they want to pursue.

  6. Jerry says:

    new emphasis on career education, the growing presence of police in schools, and the need for better criminal justice knowledge among citizens makes This type of course relevant in secondary schools. of the criminal justice programs. Three types of programs are operating in secondary schools: law-related social studies programs, criminal justice law enforcement vocational programs, and college or university participation programs in law-related areas. most programs are elective social studies courses taught by instructors with little or no criminal justice training.

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